Wuhan Sanlian Electric Co., Ltd

    Job Offers

    • General workers


      3000-5000 Yuan / month

      • operating hours: Under normal circumstances, to do a six-off, 26 days per month.
      • work place: Wuhan
      • Entry Requirements: Qualifications: age 18-35 years of age; male or female; secondary or higher education, college and above qualifications required to provide academic credentials (in order to facilitate the late priority to dry); Jiang Yanji outside Other regions are not limited; in addition to Yi, Tibetan, Uygur, Hui, not other minorities can accept a small minority; no lawable infectious diseases, no color blindness weak; no tattoos, no criminal record, a solar cell factory work experience is preferred.
        Entry Notes: 5 copies with positive and negative copies of ID cards, an inch photo 2, a black pen.
        Interview time: at any time

      • Resume delivery: 34337749@qq.com
      • contact number: 027-87199407
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    客服电话027-8719 9407