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    service ≠ Aftermarket ≠ service

    Service in the triple, not a simple maintenance, it is not only the last part of product sales, product R & D is the first link, which runs through product development, design, manufacturing and pre-sale, after-sales business activities throughout the enterprise The whole process;
    Service is the process of discovering user needs and quickly satisfying them.
    Service is to create a user moved to achieve value-added.


    To establish and Sanlian electrical enterprise culture to adapt to the service culture and philosophy system, boost the "Sanlian Electric" brand building and dissemination;
    Through the integration of internal resources, the rapid formation of a strong technical, responsible, entrepreneurial passion of the high-quality service management team for the triple differential service mode of electrician laid a good foundation


    Using all available resources, to create and enhance a harmonious domestic service capabilities;
    Resources in place, information flow, running orderly, controlled procedures to ensure that the effect.



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